Sean Goff, General Manager at CN

As an investor in the Midwest Inland Port Strategic Development Coalition we are committed to fostering significant economic development through innovation. With one of the largest railroads in North America, CN’s 20-000 mile transcontinental rail network spans Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans, and reaches through Mid-America to the Gulf Coast. We move more than $250 billion worth of goods and 300 million tons of cargo safely and efficiently each year. CN is a true supply chain enabler built on a strong foundation of operational and service excellence with an end-to-end supply chain approach. We are focused on providing transportation solutions that help to make our customers more competitive in their own markets domestically and around the world.

Joshua Madrigal

Lineage Logistics offers dry storage and services in the Decatur area, in addition to its temperature-controlled solutions, to offer a comprehensive breadth of warehousing services. Our ambient facilities enable customers to improve inventory management and reduce logistics and production costs. Our dry solutions offer great flexibility for customers looking to outsource storage and complex logistics services to us. Decatur is a good geographic location for our type of business that we mainly support agricultural businesses.

Juan Luciano

The Inland Port’s direct access to three Class I railroads…coupled with proximity to five major roadways and a regional airport…has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver containers to either coast for international shipment. These expanded capabilities are helping ADM advance our mission of serving vital needs for food, feed and renewable products around the world. They are also allowing us to help other companies and other businesses connect to global markets … and creating compelling reasons for more companies to locate here.

Patrick Roesler

We see significant benefits to operating in Decatur – access to a loyal, affordable, and skilled workforce, commitment to the community demonstrated by quality employers in the area, and investments in infrastructure which make Decatur an attractive alternative to handle the movement of freight into this portion of the Midwest versus higher cost, more congested locations.

Jake Weir

Decatur is a strategic location along Norfolk Southern’s 20,000 mile, twenty-two state freight rail network. Whether you are an existing Decatur customer wishing to move even more by rail or a company considering a potential new presence in the City, Norfolk Southern’s 500 Decatur employees, extensive footprint, and industry-leading Industrial Development Department will work tirelessly to translate Decatur’s location along Norfolk Southern’s network into a competitive logistical edge for your business.

Dave Gibbs

A great advantage that we have in servicing our customers from here in Central Illinois is access to a significant portion of the population base with same day or next day service. We can reach almost the entire eastern half of the country with second day service. The interstate network in central Illinois allows us to efficiently move in all directions and without the congestion issues that effect so many other parts of the country.