In Illinois, the electric utility industry is deregulated, giving customers the opportunity to negotiate
terms, conditions and price – enabling them to secure electricity at costs well below national averages.

Natural Gas

Within Macon County, two interstate pipelines are present – Rockies Express and Panhandle Eastern. In addition, Ameren owns and operates a network of high pressure (350-400 psi) lines that are available to furnish natural gas to the City’s robust industrial base.

Provider: Ameren Illinois


Nearly $100 million is being invested to provide a reliable water system, including maintaining the water capacity of Lake Decatur with a dredging program – increasing the storage volume by nearly 30%.

Supplier: City of Decatur
Source: Lake Decatur
Storage Capacity: 6.5 billion gallons / 24.6 billion liters
Water Plant Design Capacity: 36,000,000 GPD / 136,260,000 LPD
Average Consumption: 30,515,150 GPD / 115,499,850 LPD
Average Additional Capacity: 5,484,850 GPD / 20,760,150 LPD

Sanitary Sewer

A robust sanitary sewer system that accommodates manufacturing and industrial flows. Local governments continue to invest millions of dollars to ensure a reliable system with capacity to service any industry.

Sewage Treatment: Secondary
Average Excess Capacity: 10 MGD
Design Capacity: 41,000,000 GPD / 155,800,000 LPD
Average Load: 31,000,000 GPD / 117,347,400 LPD