• Good north/south and east/west interstates and more interstate density miles than competitors. Interstates 72, 55, 74, 57 and US Highway 51
  • Uncongested toll-free interstates with less daily traffic density per interstate lane than competing sites


  • Directly served by 3 Class 1 railroads (CN, CSX and Norfolk Southern) connecting to all North American rail networks
  • Uncongested rail traffic, including container on flat car, stack cars, and manifest rail cargo capacity
  • ADM Intermodal Ramp road access within several miles of uncongested interstate ramps
  • Access to many Drayage Carriers
  • Region with the highest volume of rail freight among competitor regions provides scale economies

Intermodal Ramp

  • 250 acre privately owned intermodal rail ramp processing international and domestic containers
  • Ramp directly connected to 3 Class I railroads
  • Opportunities for intermodal container match-back shipments

Motor Carriers

  • Access to many truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), and small parcel carriers
  • Centralized TL location can reach the majority of USA by the 4th day
  • Small parcel carrier pick-up cut-off times similar with competing regions
  • Significant truck freight volume provides scale economies and equipment availability


  • Local air cargo airport with a U.S. Customs office, and Foreign Trade Zone services
  • A 2,000-acre airport equipped with a Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) and runways measuring 8,400’ long and 150’ wide to handle large aircraft